Hey there!!

Glad you could take part in the Internet Marketing Crash Course. 

The Internet is a crazy world.  It is unpredictable and there are sharp turns and bends every step of the way.  Within this course it is our job to help you find your way through these tough corners and to get you moving in the right direction.

Before we get started, we want to give you a bit of a background on who we are, why we do what we do, how we achieved success online, and why we care about your success.  We feel that all of these points are very important and before you listen to us, we should offer you a formal introduction...an online handshake.

Our names are Kyle & Carson.  We started Internet marketing online in 2002 as affiliate marketers.  We know this is a little cliche, but...

We had no jobs and we were college students when we started out.

We started out with NO experience, NO support, NO special skills and NO formal training....but we figured out how to create a website, add links to the site, drive traffic to it, and ultimately earn money from it.

Within the first 6 months we were both independently (we were not business partners at this point) making over $10,000 per month, and within two years we were earning a mid 6 figure (around $500,000ish) income by simply promoting other people's products & services!

Back in September 2005 we got together and created Wealthy Affiliate, an online school to help train people how to succeed online in the same way we did.  We knew that if we could teach people what worked for us and what didn't, people could create success online...

It worked! Since 2005 we have helped create thousands of successful Internet marketers online, both affiliates and merchants (product owners).  There are active members within the Wealthy Affiliate community that are earning in excess of $1 MILLION per year, and many others that are earning a full-time income online!

We don't even want to attempt to GUESS what members of WA have earned over the years, but figure it is probably in the $100's of millions.

Our motto has always been "your success is our success" and to this day this is what drives us to help people succeed.  There is nothing more gratifying to us than to see others succeed!  To this day, we have had 1,000's of success stories posted at Wealthy Affiliate!

Before we go into any more detail, we would like to invite you to once again check out the what we offer at Wealthy Affiliate.


We could talk about WA all day, but we want to get you the info you need to succeed NOW.  So enough rambling about us and straight into the goods...

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