Alright, this is where we give you the "motivational" rant.   This course would not be complete without it!

You should have noticed by the title of this section, it is about YOU! 

To be honest, success is about YOU!

Did someone else create success for us?  No.  Were we lucky or something? No. 

Is Internet marketing like winning the lottery? HECK NO.

Success online will come from two items. 

First, you need an understanding of what to do...or well versed training.  That is where we can help you out at Wealthy Affiliate and expedite the learning process. 

Second, you need to be willing to work at it.  No successful person became that way by sitting on their butt.

Training + Your Hard Work = Success

The fact of the matter is that success is a result of your own actions.  If you want to improve your current financial situation, live a more enjoyable life, it is up to you.

Many of you have probably heard of the book "The Secret".  This principle behind this is that if you "envision" success, it will become a reality.  This is not really too.

Think and it won't come.  Act, and it will.

Envisioning something is simply setting a "mental" goal.  In order to achieve this goal, you need to take tangible action. 

Ever had a business idea you KNEW would be a huge success only to see someone come out with the exact idea years later and become rich from it?  The reason this was not you and someone else was a result of your own inaction.

People that succeed fear "inaction" more than they fear "failure".  Going forward we would like you to follow this line of thinking as well.

If you don't act, you will be missing out on ALL of your potential.   If you act and fail, no big deal...a failure is simply a learning experience and will lead to much greater success!

Today is the day of YOU!  It is time to make the decision to IMPROVE YOU!  YOU are much more powerful than you think and YOU will achieve amazing things if YOU start taking action.

Are we on the same page?...

The only reason we have made money online and you haven't is because we take action to achieve our goals.

We fear "inaction" more than we fear "failure".   Now it is your turn for you change the way you approach your goals.  Inaction is the worst thing you can do!!!!

Alright, that out of the way.  Now we are going set the record straight in terms of  some really big LIES that have been floating around the Internet Marketing world for some time.

First though, we have a couple of tasks for you today:

(1) Write down 3 goals that you are going to act on today
(2) Write down 3 goals that you are going to act on this month
(3) Write down 3 goals that you are going to act on this year

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